Hello. When you buy your chromebook i think ou don’t know that it has such cool option as running linux apps.

So, you install linux from setting and then install flatpak. But when you try to run any app from flatpak you can get errors about mounting. Thanks users from reddit they gives me this solution:

1- Press Ctrl+Alt+T

2- A terminal window will open, this is different than crostini terminal, and called crosh. Now type «vsh termina» on it and press enter

3- Now type «lxc config set penguin security.nesting true» then press enter.,

4- Restart your computer, it should work now.

Edit: For anyone insterested, bug report and solution is taken from here.

in russian:

Проблема запуска приложений из flatpak в linux контейнере на chromebook.

Решение просто, вам надо открыть на хромбуке терминал в браузере и там запустить команду и перезагрузить ноутбук. Команда и как открыть терминал выше описано.